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Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is all about casinos. The Flamingo was one of the first hotel/casinos established in Las Vegas. This was the foundation for the now well known “Las Vegas Strip,” and of course the rest is history.

The casinos in Las Vegas are owned and operated by corporations. Every ten years or so some of the older casinos are demolished and new ones take their place. Electronics and computers have taken over the world; this is no different in Las Vegas. The majority of the casinos floorspace is occupied by video poker and video slot games. This not only tells you the popularity of these games, but it also tells you how profitable they are for the casino itself.


Every casino in Las Vegas offers comps. Comps are freebies like food, rooms, shows, and other amenities casinos can offer. The amount of freebies depends on how much a player plays and how much they lose.

Players Reward Card – each casino has their own so called “club card.” They will give the player a small incentive to sign-up for their card, which can range from a free deck of cards all the way to a random cash prize for slot play. Each time you play at that casino you insert your club card in the machine. The casino will track your playing time for future comps.

Casino Hosts – casinos also offer hosts for players who have questions or want to cash-in their comps. Casino hosts can also book rooms, book shows, schedule spa treatments, and a variety of other services.

You Must Feel Comfortable

The casino business in Las Vegas is very competitive these days. Many hotel/casinos are theme based, which means they cater to a certain clientele. This gives the visitor a variety of choices to choose from, but the most important thing is to feel comfortable.

You might think Caesars Palace is a grand place to stay, but it might be to extravagant for your taste, so a casino like Treasure Island would be more comfortable; this makes your vacation much more enjoyable.

Casinos in Las Vegas are not just gambling halls any more, they are full service hotels/casinos for the entire family to enjoy.

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